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Meal Plan Friday 21st February 2020

We had a week of meal planning as we went to centre parcs for the half term, which was just what we all needed. Now we are back to meal planning and school with a bit of a bump. Friday - Fish (from the freezer), new potatoes and Peas the boys will have one last treat McDonald's Saturday - Spag Bol nice and easy Sunday - Roast chicken, roast potatoes, carrots and some type of green veggies form the freezer. Monday - Leftover chicken with noodles Thai style, made up as have lots of veggies. Tuesday - Savoury and Sweet pancakes - making up the savoury so we shall see Wednesday - Salmon with beetroot and lentils. Tortellini for the boys. Mustardy salmon and beetroot and lentils Thursday - Jackets with beans and cheese foe the boys and homemade baked beans for us.

Meal Plan Friday 7th February 2020

We are on the count down to half term now one week to go and we have an inset day on Friday.  Can not wait not to have to rush around in the morning for a week. Last weeks meal plan was a real success the mango salmon was delicious as was the cauliflower curry with egg. Meal plan Friday 31st January 2020 We have more comfort food this week as it is still winter and cold and needing comfort food. Friday - Tortellini for the boys. We are having a smoked mackerel salad with roasted potatoes, beetroot and horseradish dressing. I love this meal and not had it in ages, more comfort food. Saturday - Nandos as a treat Sunday - Meatballs for us all. Monday - Ham, egg and chips for us all. Tuesday - Smoked salmon and Celeriac Dauphiniose. Going to try this with ham for the boys. Smoked salmon and celeriac dauphinoise Wednesday - Quorn burgers and wedges for us all. Thursday - Oven baked mushroom risotto, based roughly on this one. Pasta for the boys as they are not fans of rice

Molehills and leaves - January 2020

January is finally over and we are getting the faintest little signs of life coming back to the garden. But it is still winter, it is cold and the ground is permanently soggy and squelchy. This is the lovely view I currently have when I open the back door. s I take a deep breath and a sigh.....  The moles are back they have made a lovely semi circle in the lawn.  This year I was lazy with leaf clearing, I left a lot of leaves on the grass. The leaves are nicely rotting down but on close inspection they are killing the grass underneath together with the constant rain and three boys it is all looking a mess. The walk way to the chickens has been trodden down and is also covered in leaves. For some reason I started clearing this all by hand, then I remembered and got out the leaf rake. I took half a bin of leaves off the area. Then I suddenly thought, why have I not saved this for leaf mulch.  The area is looking much better and I am sure the grass wi