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Meal Plan Friday 24th April 2020

Last week I was feeling pretty fed up about meal planning and delivery slots. I decided to have a little look around online and try and find some new meal ideas. I stumbled upon Olive website and found lots of new ideas to try. I even managed to get a couple of delivery slots but that stress still remains. Here is what we are having this week and lets hope we start to see some small glimmers of light at the end of the tunnel. Friday - Our farm shop does the most amazing burgers and this is how Mr MC&W and I will have them the boys will have them with some cheese and salad. Beetroot and horseradish beef burger  Saturday - Orange Chicken from pinch of nom sounded like a meal we could all really enjoy. Sunday - Sausage Casserole for us all -  Gnocchi with peas pesto and spinach Parmesan pancetta and pea cream gnocchi Tuesday - We have never had meatball subs before but sounds fun and messy hahaha Meatball sub melts Wednesday - We love an omelette here and this soun

Meal Plan Friday 17th March 2020

So we have three more weeks of lock down and back to home school next week. I found meal planning very hard the last couple of weeks all I seem to be doing is trying to get a delivery or thinking about food. I must admit we are not wasting much food and that has made me much happier. Last weeks meal plan went well and the breakfast hash from Pinch of Nom was really lovely as a main meal. Friday - Pizza these are from the freezer and require no cooking other than pop in the oven. Saturday - Diet Cola Chicken from Pinch of Nom for us all Diet coke/pepsi max chicken Sunday - Spag Bol for us all and hubby wants to make some pasta Monday - Med Tuna Pasta bake from Pinch of Nom Tuesday - Pesto Mushrooms. Ravioli for the boys. Crunchy pesto mozzarella baked mushrooms Wednesday - Sausage and Egg Muffins from Pinch of Nom this is a breakfast but sounded so tasty  Thursday - Ainsley Harriott Paella I have used this recipe for years it is so easy and tast

GYO Update March/Early April 2020

What a few stunning days we had for the Easter holidays apart from Monday which was rather blustery. I thought I would give a little update on how it is all going. I started some seeds in the trough planters in March, they did not germinate so I re-sewed them early April and look they are taking off. We have coming up carrots, beetroot, fennel and onions. I have thinned the beets and carrots out and will sew some more maybe the end of this month so we have more arriving later in the season. I am being very good in making sure I water the plants everyday and keeping a much closer eye on them than I did last year. Beetroot, Fennel and Onions saying hello After killing two courgettes and two sweetcorn I am being more careful with my mini greenhouse (closing it every night). The new courgettes are doing well and I have one pea come up - seriously I do not know why I can not grow them. Making sure I close the growhouse at night means this courgette is still alive As you ca

Meal Plan Friday 10th April 2020

Well another week of self isolation for us. We are happy school has been out but I am not looking forward to returning to home education. I have found meal planning so hard this week, nothing has appealed. Last week's meal plan went well and we enjoyed all our new meals we tried. Last Weeks Meal plan if you want to see what we had Friday - Comfort food that is scampi, chips and peas for us. The boys will have pizza. Saturday - Chinese Chicken Curry is always popular. I put pineapple on our eldest pizza as he adores it and to use it up may pop some in our curry (trying to make sure we use everything up). Chinese chicken curry Sunday - We have an amazing local farm shops round where we live. I called them and they delivered half a leg of lamb and a selection of cheese. I managed to get some bubbles in the shop so we should have a lovely meal. Monday - Chicken burgers and curly fries Tuesday - Salmon we have some potatoes so thinking some kind of smal

Meal plan Friday 3rd April 2020

We start another week of self isolation, the children are starting to find it all a little boring and the group chats are not the same. Even the four year old had some tears about missing pre school and his friends. I am still meal planning, it is so important and I must admit we have really cut down on waste which is a positive though we have had some random lunches. Friday - Fish and Chips ala the freezer Saturday - Burgers with homemade wedges. Our farm shop does amazing burgers and I am looking forward to this meal. Wedges will be using up a bag of potatoes. Sunday - We managed to get some chicken so a family favourite is French Style Chicken with roasties and spinach French style chicken, peas and bacon Monday - This is a new one and sounds fun Spicy lamb meatball pineapple bowl Tuesday - This is a easy meal from Jo Pratt Madhouse Cookbook - Gnocchi with mushrooms and broccoli Wednesday - Pizza quesadilla - I am kind of making this one up Thursday - Paneer C