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Meal Plan Friday 28th June 2019

Another week has flown by, and the sun has finally arrived for a couple of days. Last weeks meal plan went really well. This week we have some new meals as well which I am looking forward to seeing if they are as good as they sound. Friday - Pizza for the boys. We are at a wedding which is a wonderful chance to wear and pretty dress and have a three course meal. Saturday - Peri Peri Chicken we serve this with chips, feta salad and coleslaw. The boys are having ham, smiles and egg. Sunday - Swedish meatballs with a beetroot and apple salad, the boys will have this with mash and not the salad. We have a baguette for this. Swedish meatballs beetroot applesalad Monday - Gnocchi with broccoli and mushrooms we love this as its quick and easy its from Jo Pratt madhouse cookbook we will all have this Tuesday - Soy and Butter Salmon served with rice i will stir fry this with some extra veggies. I am going to try this with the boys Soy butter salmon parcels Wednesday - Chicken S

Meal Plan Friday 21st June 2019

Another week has passed, not sure where it went. It was a week of trying to stay dry during the school run and keep the tumble dryer continually going. Just what you want for June. The hospital apt was a real success which ended the week on a high. The cod with bacon and lettuce was just lovely and we will definitely be having this one again. Friday- Scampi and Chips the boys will have battered fish and chips Saturday - Curry thanks to Charlie Bigham the boys are having taco Saturday as they did not have it last week Sunday - BBQ no matter what the weather Monday - Greek Style Roast Fish, this is a new dish. The boys will have omelette's and salad. Greek style roast fish Tuesday - Chicken, Mozzarella and pesto parcels. I will do these with puff pastry and the boys will have puff pastry tuna slices Chicken mozzarella pesto filo parcels Wednesday - Tomato and Chorizo Rice. I will do this for the boys but only a small amount of chorizo. Tomato chorizo rice Thursd

GYO Update June 2019

We have started our GYO adventure again this year full of high hopes. So I thought it was about time for a catch up. Firstly we had cat poo issues, the neighbours cat thought our lovely trough style planters were a perfect place. We have invested in a sonic cat deterrent and so far it is working. No more seedlings destroyed and much nicer to use. I will be keeping a close eye on this as I must admit it was really not nice. As far as the planting is going we are doing kind of OK. We have two courgette plants which are already looking like we may be soon having to give them away and eat courgettes in every meal. I brought a tumbling tomato plant and we have flowers which is a good sign.  We have three sweetcorn and planted them together hoping they will cross pollinate like last year. The Beetroot, carrots and onions are doing really well and the second lot have been sewn are coming up. I talked about planting in succession to try and get more than a one off har

Meal Plan Friday 14th June 2019

Well what a week, it has felt more like late autumn than June and the rain has just kept coming. Sports day has been postponed and I just keep telling myself we need the rain. Friday - Cesar Salad for Mr MC&W and I. The boys will have fish goujons, mash and peas Saturday - Steak and Chips for Mr MC&W and I, we have a family birthday get together on Sunday so decided Saturday would be Fathers day. The boys are having Taco Saturday. Sunday - BBQ but we are not cooking Monday - it has been a bit of an indulgent weekend so Neapolitan Salad from Gions Healthy Italian and the boys will have pasta with cheese and ham and veggies Tuesday - Cod with Bacon, Lettuce and Peas. The boys will have a simple fish pie Cod with bacon lettuce and peas Wednesday - Meatballs with spaghetti Thursday - its hospital day for our eldest with this three monthly type 1 check up and catch up with the team, so a ready meal for the evening as I never feel like cooking after. 

Meal Plan Friday 7th June 2019

Did you miss us last week? I have to be very honest and say I have totally lost my meal planning mojo for this last couple of weeks. I have written this weeks up but it took ages as none of the food appealed, I think I wrote about three plans. I am hoping to be back to myself again soon but at the moment I have just lost all interest. Friday - Smoked mackerel salad with beetroot, roasted new potatoes and salad. This is such a easy and tasty meal. Boys had pizza though the two older boys have found a love of smoked mackerel so thinking up a salad for them. Saturday - Mr MC&W is golfing so its Spag Bol for us all Sunday - We have some blue cheese left over so its chicken breast stuff with blue cheese and roasted on a bed of courgettes and tomatoes served with new potatoes and spinach. The boys will have a mini chicken roast. Monday - Salmon, Broccoli pasta I found this on bbc good food and going to make it with a small amount of Salmon for the boys. Italian broccoli and sal