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Meal Plan Friday 7th June 2019

Did you miss us last week? I have to be very honest and say I have totally lost my meal planning mojo for this last couple of weeks. I have written this weeks up but it took ages as none of the food appealed, I think I wrote about three plans. I am hoping to be back to myself again soon but at the moment I have just lost all interest.

Friday - Smoked mackerel salad with beetroot, roasted new potatoes and salad. This is such a easy and tasty meal. Boys had pizza though the two older boys have found a love of smoked mackerel so thinking up a salad for them.

Saturday - Mr MC&W is golfing so its Spag Bol for us all

Sunday - We have some blue cheese left over so its chicken breast stuff with blue cheese and roasted on a bed of courgettes and tomatoes served with new potatoes and spinach. The boys will have a mini chicken roast.

Monday - Salmon, Broccoli pasta I found this on bbc good food and going to make it with a small amount of Salmon for the boys.

Italian broccoli and salmon bake

Tuesday - Stir Fry beef though this will be qourn strips and lots of veggies served with noodles for us all

Stirfried beef with hoisin sauce

Wednesday - Southern Fried chicken with avocado burgers 

Thursday - Double bean and roasted pepper chili this is in the slow cooker as we have meetings at school and sports day. The boys have requested pizza.

Double bean roasted pepper chilli



  1. I hope you have your mojo back! Honestly, this plan sounds amazing! Maybe introducing one new but simple dish each week (using the ingredients you already have in) is the way to go.
    Also, each day when I scroll through FB, there are so many new and interesting recipe ideas that you can jazz up or customise according to your family's needs! Go for it. Have a lovely week ahead and we look forward to your plans for the following week.

    1. Thanks my lovely, it is funny how sometimes you just do not want any food. Think maybe a bit run down with a cold and the weather means you want summer food but its cold xx

  2. it's hard to keep your mojo going isn't it. My lot are a pain in the butt sometimes, I can't please everyone. You have some nice recipes this week, I've not tried the quorn beef strips yet, they never seem to have them in stock.

    1. I have to hide them in tasty food with lots of texture as mr mc&w is not a fan but its good for us and when a stir fry you do not notice it, hoping to be back on form soon xx

  3. I hope you get back on track with the meal planning. It's hard when nothing is appealing to you.
    I love the sound of the Southern Fried chicken with avocado burgers. x

    1. they are so easy as its birds eye frozen chicken then sliced and avocado put in and all in a bun xx

  4. I hope you manage to get back on track, it is hard some weeks isn't it. I find when I am having those kinds of weeks, having a week of mostly slow cooker meals really helps! (Even if it just putting jacket potatoes in the slow cooker!) it takes away all the prep at that time of the day when you just cant be bothered!

  5. I'm sorry that you lost your mojo - it definitely happens to us all! I love the sound of the Southern Fried chicken with avocado burgers and thanks for linking up. Have a great week x


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