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Meal Plan Friday 24th March 2017

We are back to normal for a week or so in the MC&W household. As Mr MC&W is now back from a week trip to Las Vegas with his friends we need some slightly more healthy food. This week nearly every meal is from BBC Good Food and I have put a link to each one. Friday - Mushroom risotto wanted a light meal after Mr MC&W trip to Vegas this seemed to fit the bill. The boys would have risotto with peas, ham and plenty and plenty of parmesan Saturday - Boys are having a treat McDonald's for lunch as they are swimming. For Dinner they will have cheese tortellini (shop brought). Mr MC&W and I will have a chicken salad. Sunday - As it's Mothers Day Mr MC&W will be cooking us all roast beef. Can not wait. Monday - We had this meal a while ago and the mix of lentils, bacon and Fish is lovely. The boys do not like lentils so will have oven baked fish, mash and peas Braised peas with bacon lentils and cod Tuesday - A meatball Pilaf this is meant to be cooked wi

Meal Plan Friday 17th March 2017

The meal plan I have to admit is a tad random this week. Normally is carefully planned and the food thought about to give a good mix of chicken, red meat, fish and veggie options. We have Grandma MC&W staying and Mr MC&W not due back till Wednesday so meals are a tad random. Friday - Fish, Chips and Peas we all love this meal and the boys had packed lunch so they could have it at home. Saturday- Spag Bol - OB has had a tough week at school and this was his choice Sunday - We are having Lamb Shanks again. I gave Grandma a choice and she does not often have lamb and I love it so more than happy. Monday - Meatballs again a choice for Grandma as she can never be bothered to make them Tuesday - Homemade Pizza with salad Wednesday - Tuna and sweetcorn slice from BBC GoodFood Tuna and Sweetcorn Slice Thursday - Chicken Curry korma for the boys and Mr MC&W and I will have something a bit spicier.

Meal Plan Friday 10th March 2017

This week is a little crazy in the Mud Cakes and Wine household. Mr MC&W is off to Vegas Baby for 7 days with a whole group of friends to celebrate them all turning 40. So Grandma Mud, Cakes and Wine is coming to stay. Friday - Boys have a school disco so will have tortellini with salad. We will have oven baked fish, roasted veggies and rice for dinner as it's quick and easy. Saturday - The boys have done really well at school so will have a McDonald's for lunch and cheesy pasta for dinner. We are having Fajitas. Sunday - Slow cooked Lamb Shanks with roast potatoes,carrots and kale Monday - Boys will have chicken fingers, chips, baked beans and peas. Mr MC&W and I will have Mushroom Strangnoff. Mushroom stroganoff Tuesday - Oven Baked Thai Chicken and rice, I use this one from BBC GoodFood and the whole family loves it Oven baked Thai chicken rice Wednesday - Jacket Potatoes with beans, cheese and maybe a cheeky poached egg Thursday - Gnocchi with a h

Meal Plan Friday 3r March 2017

I am not sure where this week has gone. Mr MC&W is manic with work this week so will be grabbing his own meals between meetings and appointments. I will be eating with the boys. Friday - Mushroom oven baked risotto. The boys will have oven baked risotto with  pea, courgette and sweetcorn with lots of Parmesan. Saturday- Caesar salad for myself and Mr MC&W the boys will have pizza Sunday - I have to take OB to a party, the boys will have sausages, Yorkshire pudding, mash and Broccoli. Mr MC&W and I will have a lasagna (ready made and not by me 😂) Monday - The Madhouse Carbonara that's made with mascarpone and not too much egg with ham on to brought from the farm shop Tuesday - A simple chicken stir fry with rice using sweetcorn and carrots etc Wednesday- Homemade Fish Pie with peas Thursday- Meatballs with spaghetti