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Meal Plan Friday 12th July 2019

We are edging closer to the summer holidays. We only have 4 days left as a few inset days being taken.

The children are exhausted and not in good moods so its going to be a challenging one for us all.

We did not have the pulled chicken as we had a dominoes instead. The stuffed mushroom and the halloumi burger last week were lovely but the potato and cheese tart was not good.

Meal plan Friday 5th July 2019
Friday - Family favourite Fish and Chips and Peas

Saturday - BBQ

Sunday-  The boys are being treated to a McDonald's and we are having a tesco finest dine in for £10

Monday - Beetroot and Smoked mackerel salad the boys have decided they adore mackerel so they will have a salad minus the beetroot. I have made up my own ideas for this and must write it up.

Tuesday- Chinese style chicken,I have changed this a little to cook on the hob and use microwave rice which makes this a simple one pot meal

Sticky chinese chicken traybake

Wednesday - Pasta, Mozzarella, mint with fresh tomatoes

Pasta with mozzarella mint and fresh tomato sauce

Thursday - Pizza for the boys and take out for us and its Thai as we break up today



  1. I really must look at the Tesco finest dine in deals more!

    Thanks for linking up and I hope you've had a great week x

    1. they are not bad to be honest and lovely to have a break from cooking xx

  2. Good luck! I hope you all get through the last week of school. Hang on in there!
    I love the sound of the Beetroot and Smoked mackerel salad. No one else in my family apart from me like mackerel. Hmmf.
    All of your meals sound delicious x

    1. i adore smoked mackerel and glad the kids like it x

  3. I hope the wait will soon be over for schools to break up. I remember those days! They seemed to drag on and on!
    Your meal ideas are lovely as always and I especially love the sound of the smoked mackerel. Send some my way, please.

    1. They can not wait and I need to come up with some plans hahaha. Mackerel sent xx

  4. BBQ sounds great! What a fab meal plan!


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